L’Aviatore is an online aviation sales platform that puts the power back in the seller and buyer’s hands.

We have recently received allot of queries about L’Aviatore and how it all works.

And to put it simply, L’Aviatore is an online aviation sales platform that puts the power back in the seller and buyer’s hands by providing a transparent advertising platform – where you sell or buy direct. 



L'Aviatore is an aviation start-up founded and developed by Jannike Bester, an experienced pilot and fixed and rotor-wing operator. As a pilot and business owner, I have over the past decade managed multiple aircraft across the continent, which has provided me with the opportunity to create an extensive network of operators, owners and aviators who need aircraft. But despite the demand for aircraft, the lack of transparency and inflated commissions by dealers inspired me to build Africa's first dedicated aviation marketplace. And while it is African focused, I am pleased to say our global network of buyers and sellers is increasing daily. 



A seller loads his or her aircraft or parts on our online platform and we will advertise the products at the price that you require. Our transparent approach enables you, as the seller, to reach a wider audience and new potential customers by having your actual selling price advertised and not an inflated price that will scare away prospective buyers. This approach ensures that the Buyers can rest assured that they are buying at the sellers price.



L'Aviatore has included an option where our visitors can convert to their preferred currency of choice. As a South African hosted site, our default currency is the South African Rand; however, for many international buyers,  investors and sellers - the US $ Greenback is their preferred currency. To make your buying and evaluating experience easier, we've added a currency converter which will convert any amount to a currency you prefer using the exchange rate of the day.


We leverage our sales network to find you buyers, who will interact directly with you. We also distribute weekly emails to Africa's largest private aircraft database and market the projects on social media and via Google adword campaigns.



AIRCRAFT: We focus on piston and turbine aircraft, both fixed and rotor wing.

PARTS: We sell any manner of aircraft parts, accessories and more covering both fixed and rotor-wing. 

LEASING: We are able to provide you with earning opportunities for your aircraft in different geographic jurisdictions. 

HOUR BUILDING: You the owner can cover operational cost while pilots can gain valuable hours at a fraction of the industry price. 



What is the catch you may ask – there is none. We are an online aviation sales platform looking out for the pocket of the seller and the buyer.



Depending on the value, we as L'Aviatore place a reasonable administrative charge on-top of the sale value, the higher the cost, the lower the administrative charge. The administrative charge is clearly visible on every listing for potential buyers to see. A list of the services included in the administrative charge is available on our home page.



If you’re Interested and want to find out more, visit our website www.laviatore.co.za or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to introduce you to L’Aviatore and see you online soon! 

Yours in Aviation, 

The L’Aviatore team