L'Aviatore's online platform offers you the opportunity to sell to willing buyers directly

Is your aircraft gathering dust? Do you have parts or spares taking up storage space? Are you looking to sell and generate a return on your investment, or to buy something else and you don’t know where to begin? L’Aviatore is a dedicated online marketplace where sellers meet buyers.

Our online platform offers you the opportunity to sell to willing buyers directly, and to ensure a safe and hassle-free experience, L’Aviatore will handle all the legal and operational T’s and C’s at a fraction of the cost to ensure a risk-free smooth experience for both seller and buyer. 

No longer are you bounded by soul mandates and exposed to massive commissions.

You want to make use of our online platform and you want to be sure you set your listing apart, while getting top dollar for your product, here are some tips for attracting buyers:

1. Make sure the item that you are selling is in the best possible condition. One of the first things you should do is clean and refresh your aircraft, parts or spares before listing it. This doesn’t always mean you need to invest in repainting; however, a full interior / exterior wash coupled with a polish can go a long way to increase your products appeal and to help it stand out.

2. Take the time to ensure that all associated books, manuals, guides and paperwork are organised and readily available for presentation. That way, when you’re first opportunity does arrive, you’ll be able to present these documents for review as if the aircraft were a new delivery.

3. After you’ve completed the above, your next step should be taking several images of your product for your marketing efforts. Need assistance, L'Aviatore's specialist team can also produce affordable and high-quality marketing campaigns to sell your product quicker. And the best of all, we will give you your money back at the conclusion of a transaction through L'Aviatore’s platform. So, if you need a video - give our team a call today!

So there you have it, three tips to get you started.

Stay tuned for part two as we’ll be discussing not only how to close the deal, but how you can prepare for common mistakes.

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