L’Aviatore is an online aviation sales platform that connects buyers and sellers across the globe.

With our platform, we have simplified aviation sales where buyers transact directly with qualified sellers in a safe and transparent environment hosted by L’Aviatore, where the deal you negotiate, is the deal you get.
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Our Commitment To You
L’Aviatore handles all the operational and legal terms and conditions to ensure a risk free sales experience at a fraction of industry costs. 
How Does L'Aviatore Make Money
We charge an administrative fee, calculated on a sliding scale. The fee will never exceed 5% and is dependent on the final sale value. The higher the selling the price, the lower the administrative fee.

The administrative fee is available online on the platform to view with every listing.


The administrative fee is charged on-top of the agreed total sale value and for the buyers account.
Standard Services Include
Verification of the aircraft or parts records | Buyer and seller background check | Insurance quotations | Arrangement of escrow services (if required) | Preparation of all legal documentation
Preparation and submission in the event of importing or exporting | Preparation and submission of the change of ownership documentation | Preparation and submission for the amendment (or initial application) for a radio license | Preparation and submission for the amendment (or initial application) for a emergency locator transmitter | Pre-purchase inspection arrangement
Why Use L'Aviatore
Our platform is EASY and TRANSPARENT. The service is Free. There are no membership fees, paywalls or sneaky costs - it is as easy as load, sell or buy. Transparent: The sellers asking price is listed clearly and prominently visible for any potential buyer. Global Marketplace: We promote our listings globally to ensure you get your selling price for your investment.
Exponential Growth: Our daily unique users grow every day as more and more tier one aviation companies and owners choose us to list their inventory Reliable and Experienced: our team consists of aircraft owners, pilots and aviation enthusiasts who analyses listings to ensure that the information provided is accurate, verified and legitimate.
List Your Inventory
To list aircraft or parts available for sale, click on one of the following tabs: SELL AIRCRAFT or SELL PARTS. Our detailed seller form ensures that we capture all the important information which makes selling your inventory much faster, simplyflyed and profitable.
We have redesigned our platform with you in mind, streamlining the header layout, simplifying navigation, building a responsive layout for both desktop and mobile platforms and providing more resources and information.
We encourage everyone to visit and explore the site, discovering the full spectrum of options available and should you have any suggestions for us, please share these by emailing your suggestions to

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